Dissemination of satellite data

EESC opinion: Dissemination of satellite data

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Key points:

In its opinion, the EESC underlines that the subject of this proposed directive is of critical importance to the European Union. The EESC also:

  • believes that development of a commercial space industry in Europe has been too slow and calls on the Commission to accelerate the development of policies and a space legislative framework to promote the security, safety, sustainability and economic development of the space sector;
  • feels strongly that policy must better support SMEs across the 28 Member States of the Union that are trying to compete and grow in the market for Earth observation data;
  • would like to see proposals for a European space procurement policy to support the development of the commercial space sector, which is highly dependent on institutional procurement;
  • would like to see policies that promote the education of more engineers, ICT professionals and business graduates for the space industry;
  • believes that a more comprehensive European common security policy would help deal inter alia with the overly restrictive control of high resolution satellite data by a few Member States.

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