Your Europe, Your Say! 2023

Youth Democracy Dialogues

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Our exciting event will be in person again after two years & we’ll discuss #activecitizenship & #participatorydemocracy together with other pupils from all around Europe. 

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06/12 - Registrations extended until 6 December!

Dear teachers,

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is planning its 14th Your Europe, Your Say! event, which will take place on 23 and 24 March 2023 in Brussels. As part of Your Europe, Your Say (YEYS), 35 schools (from the 27 EU Member States, the seven EU candidate countries and one of the European schools based in Brussels) are invited to participate in a two-day set of debates, workshops and interactive activities around a topical issue of interest to young people.


Our forthcoming event will be dedicated to Youth Democracy Dialogues. The purpose is to raise awareness about democratic values, while encouraging critical thinking and youth participation. The event aims to help young people understand what European values stand for and what active citizenship means in a participatory democracy.

Given that the 14th YEYS event will be taking place following a year full of anxiety, dominated by Russia’s war against Ukraine, threats to peaceful regimes, and unpredictable societal and economic challenges leading to systemic shifts, it will focus on how to foster youth empowerment and active citizenship in a participatory democracy.

Working in small groups within workshops, in a negotiation and debate format to reach consensus, the youth event will raise awareness about the way social agreements are reached between groups of separate interests.

These workshops also provide an opportunity to deal with related challenging topics such as freedom of speech, inter-generational solidarity and justice or the impact of the EU policymaking process on young people.

The participating students will come up with recommendations that will be submitted to the European institutions and high-level European policy and decision makers.


If your institution is a secondary school, of any type, in one of the 27 Member States or in one of the seven candidate countries, or one of the Brussels-based European schools, you are invited to send in an application to take part in the 2023 YEYS event.

One school from each country will be chosen by drawing lots, and the winners will take part in the two-day event, parts of which will also be webstreamed via the EESC's social media channels.

If your school is chosen, you may select three students who are in their penultimate year to attend and participate, supervised by one teacher of your respective school. In Brussels, the selected students will meet students from the other countries, with whom they will exchange views and work to draw up declarations to be shared during the event's closing youth plenary. This is a unique opportunity for young people to gain a better understanding of how the EU works and to take part in an assembly-style debate in a multicultural environment.


All the proceedings will be conducted in English.


EESC members will visit each selected school well in advance to prepare students and teachers for the YEYS event. These visits may be conducted physically or remotely, between January and February 2023. Documentation and teaching materials will be sent to schools ahead of the visits.


On our website you will find a detailed description of the event, a video of the 2021 YEYS event, the online registration form, rules and all practical information.


The deadline for applications is extended to 6 December 2022.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique experience!

Yours faithfully,
Cillian Lohan
EESC Vice-President for Communication

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