Social Impact Measurement

EESC opinion: Social Impact Measurement

Key points


  • stresses the importance of giving more time to this complex topic;
  • feels that an incorrect or rushed approach may counteract the EU Institutions’ aim to support the development and growth of the social enterprise sector. The EESC therefore urges the Commission to prioritise further awareness-raising and full implementation of the Social Business Initiative agenda;
  • reiterates that social impact assessment is on-going process and an integral part of an enterprise’s activity, as well as an important strategic planning tool;
  • recommends that, rather than developing a new method, the Commission build awareness of the most commonly used principles;
  • points out that the methods developed for the EuSEF and PESI Regulations should be piloted, closely monitored and revised if needed, to ensure that they do not hinder social enterprises’ access to finance through these instruments.

This is of particular relevance for stakeholders in the social economy and social enterprises.

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