A trusted and secure European e-ID

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EESK:s yttrande: A trusted and secure European e-ID


  • notes that the proposed digitalisation of services may result in the exclusion of parts of European society, in particular older people, those with low digital literacy and persons with disabilities.
  • recognises the need to clarify that the recognition of a qualified electronic attestation of attributes in one Member State is limited to confirmation of the facts
  • considers that effective data protection especially needs to be looked at in the context of the protection of fundamental rights, in particular the right to privacy and the right to the protection of personal data.
  • fully endorses the requirement that the European Digital Identity framework should give users the means to control who has access to their digital twin and exactly what data they can access.
  • would like to highlight security concerns relating to the digitalisation process, especially the development of the huge systems that store and process data vulnerable to fraud and loss.
  • considers that users of European Digital Identity Wallets should be guaranteed compensation for any undesirable situation relating to their data (e.g. data theft or disclosure). Such liability should be independent of whether the provider is at fault.

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