Towards a sustainable plant protein and plant oil strategy for the EU

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informatieve nota: Towards a sustainable plant protein and plant oil strategy for the EU

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The EU has a major deficit in proteins, importing most of what the EU agricultural sector needs, in particular feed material such as soybeans, and is also a net importer of oilseeds and palm oil. Besides reducing the dependency from imports, developing plant protein production in the EU could bring a wide range of environmental and climatic advantages (e.g. fixing the atmosphere’s nitrogen in the soil) as well as provide proteins and oils for the EU food industry.

The European Commission published a report on the development of plant proteins in the European Union end of 2018, also called the "European protein plan". The need to foster EU-grown plant proteins is also highlighted in the Farm to fork strategy, part of the European Green Deal.

Within this context, the aim of this own-initiative opinion is to develop a strategy to achieve a sustainable plant protein and plant oil open autonomy in the EU by analysing the potential of EU-grown plants. On the other hand, it will discuss the potential of pure plant oil (as a side product of the oil cake production) as a sustainable source for running heavy tractors and other agriculture and forestry machines in a sustainable energy system.