The EESC's recommendations for a solid reform of the European Semester

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The European Semester Group of the EESC is continuing the work that we started in 2021: collecting the recommendations of organised civil society, which the EESC will relay to the European institutions and national governments and ensure they are fully taken into account within the Semester. The consultation will be carried out by means of this questionnaire and a series of country visits. The result will be the drafting of an own-initiative opinion, entitled "The EESC's recommendations for a solid reform of the European Semester; based on a consultation of national economic and social councils, social partners and civil society organisations from EU Member States". This topic includes the Recovery and Resilience Facility, the Country Reports, the National Reform Programmes and the Country-Specific Recommendations, all in the framework of European economic governance. The objective of this consultation is to determine how to simplify the European Semester. The final objective is to promote a more participatory Semester with more ownership at national level, and the closer involvement by Organised Civil Society. The adoption of this opinion is planned for April 2023.