The Spanish Presidency's new challenges for consumption and the environment

The Consumer and Environment Category of the European Economic and Social Committee is organising a conference in Madrid on 13 September. The conference will include three exciting round tables on key issues relating to consumer and environmental protection.

The first round table will focus on the EESC's exploratory opinion on Advertising through influencers and its impact on consumers. Influencers have become an essential part of advertising and marketing, but their impact on consumers and the environment has yet to be fully understood. This round table will bring together experts from different fields to discuss the opportunities and challenges that influencers bring to society and consumer practices.

The second round table will focus on green claims. A green claim is an environmental label used in marketing to attract environmentally conscious consumers. This round table will explore the benefits and limitations of this environmental information and discuss how to make sure that it is accurate.

The third and final round table will focus on collective consumer protection. Consumers have more power when they act together to defend their interests. This round table will look at the different forms of collective consumer redress and how they can be used to protect consumer rights and the environment. The transposition of the regulation in the various Member States will also be discussed.

All in all, the conference promises to be a rich source of information and debate. The fascinating discussions and fresh perspectives on the issues raised by the three round tables will give participants a better understanding of the implications for consumer and environmental protection.

In addition, the conference will be organised in collaboration with the Spanish Presidency of the EU and will benefit from the support of the Consejo de Consumidores y Usuarios organisation. The two spokespersons of the EESC's Category, Bernardo Hernández Bataller and Thierry Libaert, will lead the meeting.

Other speakers at the conference include Alejandro Perales Alday, Clémentine Baldon and Marco Scialdone. Each of these experts will bring a unique perspective to the key issues that will be discussed at the round tables, including collective consumer redress and ecological claims.

We are confident that this conference will be an exceptional opportunity to discuss the important issues facing consumers and the environment today, and we hope you will be able to join us in Madrid on 13 September.

Are you interested in following the debates? A link to the live streaming will be available on this event page.