Day of the Liberal Professions 2023

On 2 May 2023, the Liberal Professions Category of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will hold the 7th edition of the European Day of Liberal Professions. This annual event brings together key players from Europe's liberal professions, as well as key policy makers from the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States. This year's event is entitled "Fostering skills and delivering the Green Deal".

A timely and sustainable green transition as set out in the Green Deal will to a high degree depend on the expertise and input from Europe's liberal professionals, who on a daily basis work on innovative solutions to our environmental challenges. Whether is concerns new sustainable building techniques or the build-up of the circular economy, liberal professions across Europe lead the way towards a greener future. But this work requires high-quality independent technical, legal and financial support. Our window of opportunity to influence climate change is closing fast, and therefore it is important to define the role and possible contributions of liberal professions in the different EU policies.

During this event, we will also focus on the important impetus that the European Year of Skills 2023 can provide for liberal professionals and their employees. Training and lifelong learning are crucial in securing a skilled workforce and can help overcoming the challenges that the green and digital transition bring to employers across the EU. This event will provide a useful forum to discuss how improving skills can help improving Europe's future.

Simultaneous interpretation will be available in English, French, German and Italian.


Speakers of the conference 02/05/2023