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  • Pieņemtie on 20/10/2021 - Bureau decision date: 26/04/2021
    Employers - GR I
    EESC opinion: Euro area economic policy 2021 (additional opinion)
  • Pieņemtie on 20/10/2021 - Bureau decision date: 26/04/2021
    Employers - GR I

    The EESC strongly believes in the importance of the next Semester cycle as a key instrument for implementing the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

    However, it is still concerned about the lack of clarity in most Member States as regards their National Recovery and Resilience Plan governance systems and the distribution of responsibilities for their implementation.

    The EESC would also draw attention to the need to measure progress in implementation, for which good monitoring indicators are needed; in this connection it welcomes the "Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard" initiative.

    Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for a strong industrial policy to avoid dependence on other economic zones for many products and services.

    The EESC wants to see real action in this respect by Member States, in terms of investment in education, infrastructure and industrial policy to raise employment and boost European industry.

    EESC opinion: Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2021 (additional opinion)
  • Pieņemtie on 27/01/2021 - Bureau decision date: 28/10/2020
    Workers - GR II
    EESC opinion: Euro area economic policy 2021
  • Pieņemtie on 02/12/2020 - Bureau decision date: 17/11/2020
    EESC opinion: Temporary VAT measures for COVID-19 vaccines
  • Pieņemtie on 29/10/2020 - Bureau decision date: 15/09/2020
    EESC opinion: VAT - Identification of taxable persons in Northern Ireland
  • Pieņemtie on 18/09/2020 - Bureau decision date: 09/06/2020
    EESC opinion: COVID-19: Amendments to the CPR, ERDF and Cohesion Fund
  • Pieņemtie on 10/06/2020 - Bureau decision date: 14/05/2020
    Workers - GR II
    EESC opinion: Postponement of taxation rules due to the COVID-19 crisis
  • Pieņemtie on 04/06/2020 - Bureau decision date: 04/06/2020


      EESC opinion: REACT-EU
    • Pieņemtie on 15/05/2019
      Workers - GR II

      The objective of the opinion, requested by the Romanian Presidency, is to explore which measures and initiatives should be taken at EU and national level in order to promote organised philanthropy and eliminate barriers within the internal market that are hindering the realisation of its full potential, so as to maximize its contribution to EU values, such as cohesion, social justice and European Policies, and to the competitiveness of the European economy.
      The opinion is expected to feed into the Romanian presidency programme and into the political priorities for the new Commission.

      EESC opinion: European Philanthropy: an untapped potential (Exploratory opinion at the request of the Romanian Presidency)
    • Healthcare must be people-centred and valued as a social investment, not a 'cost', concluded a conference organised by the Civil Society Organisations' Group of the EESC at the House of Europe in Stockholm on 25 May 2023. For this to happen it is necessary to change mindsets socially, economically and politically. Building on cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic, EU Member States need to join forces to build resilient and sustainable health and care systems that leave no one behind and value the work of care workers, civil society organisations and volunteers.