Workers' Voice Category

The "Workers' Voice for more democratic participation" category is currently composed of members drawn by EESC Group II (Workers' Group). The main objectives of the category are:

  • to make sure that this topic is on the European political agenda, much higher than it currently is. 
  • to organize opinion formation on relevant developments on this issue 
  • to encourage the mainstreaming of workers' voice in EESC Opinions and other activities
  • to be a forum for participants to discuss the relevant policies.

To achieve these objectives, the category organises debates with the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and European Trade Union Federations, with representatives of the Council Presidencies, the European Parliament and the European Commission. Europe must now show that it wants to be more than a mere single market. “Workers' Voice” works socio-politically as a driver of active social inclusion and welfare statehood.