Civil Society Media Seminar 2016 – Communicating Migration

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"Communicating Migration" was the very timely topic of the 10th Civil Society Media Seminar, organised at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna from 24 to 25 November 2016.

It looked at the challenges the increase in migration brought along for those who were communicating about it. How do private and public organisations, civil society, governments or media and journalists deal with the different topics related to migration.

In four panels the seminar focused on the different topics: "Communication on migrant smuggling in Europe and neighbouring countries", "The role of the media and communication channels (including social media) in the migration and refugee crisis", "Communication on Integration", and "The role of policy makers in communicating the migration crisis".

Speakers from governments, European and international organisations, and organised civil society introduced the panels.

Abstracts of their speeches and the contributions of the panellists are summarised in this brochure.EU Bookshop. All official EU publications. Publications Office of the European Union


Civil Society Media Seminar 2016 – Communicating Migration

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