SEPA / Extension

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Key points


  • welcomes this proposal, which aims to reduce the cost of cross-border payments in euro in the non-euro-area Member States;
  • urges that the proposal be rapidly implemented;
  • considers this deepening of the single market and its positive economic impact to be important;
  • welcomes that the initial objective of the SEPA - for all payments in euro in the EU to be regarded as domestic payments - will thus be achieved;
  • calls for a greater focus on the cost to the banks arising from this proposal;
  • considers new, additional transparency requirements to be appropriate, as they will enable consumers to make the appropriate choices regarding these transactions, at a fair price;
  • points out that, there is undoubtedly a great opportunity here for fruitful and clear communication with all citizens in the Union to explain how the EU brings positive changes for all and solutions for day-to-day problems.

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