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European Commission:

  • Communication: REPowerEU Plan (18/5/2022)
  • Communication: EU 'Save Energy' (18/5/2022)
  • Communication: EU Solar Energy Strategy (18/5/2022)
  • Communication : EU external energy engagement in a changing world (18/5/2022)
  • Communication: REPowerEU: Joint European Action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy (8/3/2022)
  • Recommendation: Speeding up permit-granting procedures for renewable energy projects and facilitating Power Purchase Agreements (18/5/2022)
  • Staff working document: Implementing the RePowerEU Action Plan: Investment needs, hydrogen accelerator and achieving the bio-methane targets (18/5/2022)
  • Commission Notice: Guidance on Recovery and Resilience Plans in the context of REPowerEU
  • Press release: REPowerEU: A plan to rapidly reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels and fast forward the green transition (18/5/2022)

European Parliament:

  • Regulation: establishing the Recovery and Resilience Facility (18.2.2021)
  • Regulation: REPowerEU chapters in recovery and resilience plans (18/5/2022)
  • Directive: Promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources, energy performance of buildings and energy efficiency (18/5/2022)
  • Press Release: War in Ukraine: keep the pressure up on Russia and aim for energy independence (23/3/2022)
  • EPRS: Preparing for 'RepowerEU': Action for more secure, more affordable and cleaner energy (13/05/2022)

Previous CoR opinions:

  • ENVE-VII/023 Amending the Renewable Energy Directive to meet the new 2030 climate targets (28/4/2022)
  • RESOL-VII/021 REPowerEU: cities and regions accelerating the energy transition (28/4/2022)

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