Artistic elements

Live art creation is a wonderful way to enliven the dynamic of online events, and provide creative stimulus to balance the predominance of talks in events. Throughout the event, the audience watched two artists working live – Sophie Ong drawing by hand on large paper, and Tibor Miklos working on digital collage in a vibrant, popular style. The artists used their art practice to interact with the online audience and reflect back the thoughts ideas and feelings of the online audience. This was done by inviting the audience to respond to questions or submit their proposals or ideas for system change via SLIDO and comments in EESC's social media channel broadcasting the live event.

Sophie Ong is a young French illustrator originally from Lyon who has come to specialize in live illustration for events. Having undertaken periods of international experience working around the world in Shanghai and the US, she is increasingly in demand as both a live illustrator and also as graphic reporter for events. Her aesthetic styles range from playful comics through to colourful book and album cover illustration through to graphic recording, always with a youthful and energetic style.

Tibor Miklos is a Hungarian born designer, illustrator and art director who has worked for both creative agencies and as an independent designer in Budapest and more recently in the UK. In addition to his day job as a sought after graphic designer and illustrator for both companies and NGOs, he is a long standing member of the Swarm artist network, having gained experience in system change and climate change issues. His specialty is digital collage, to which he injects contemporary flair to a quasi-surrealist aesthetic in his signature style.