Programme | Competition Policy and Social Sustainability

14:30 | Welcome

14:50 | Keynote speech

  • Olivier Guersent, Director-General, DG COMP, European Commission

15:15 | Fireside chat

This fireside chat aims to explore the variety of definition of the concept of sustainability and explore the interlinkage between the environmental and social dimensions of sustainability.

15:35 | Panel 1 – Competition Law in Times of Corporate Due Diligence: How to reach a coherent approach?

This panel aims to broaden the topic beyond competition law and take into account other regulatory instruments that could help or hinder sustainability initiatives.


            Moderator: Bernd Meyring, President, Global Competition Law Centre of the College of Europe

16:25 | Bridging Speech

This speech aims to provide an overview of the adopted and upcoming guidance and regulation with regards to competition law and sustainability.

16:45 | Panel 2 – Concrete initiatives and practical issues

This panel will present recent sustainability initiatives considered and/or implemented by companies, and explore the issues faced. It will also aim to give practical advice as to how to structure and manage a competition law compliant sustainability initiative.


  • Jeroen Capiau, Policy Officer, DG COMP, European Commission
  • Felix Engelsing, Division Chairman, Bundeskartellamt
  • Dirk Middelschulte, VP Global General Counsel Competition, Unilever
  • Stephan Jermendy, Manager Corporate Responsibility International, ALDI SOUTH Group

          Moderator: Adina Claici, Director, Global Competition Law Centre of the College of Europe

17:35 | Closing remarks

Interpretation available in EN, FR and DE.