Report on Competition Policy 2020

EESC opinion: Report on Competition Policy 2020

Key points


  • underlines the importance of adapting and reshaping EU competition policy in line with the rapid social and economic changes we are witnessing.
  • considers that the Commission managed to strike a good compromise between the unprecedented urgent need to make State aid rules flexible and the concurrent necessity to ensure a minimum base layer of regulation, as well as overall Commission oversight.
  • considers the Commission's legislative proposals regarding competition on digital markets to be very useful in terms of achieving harmonised rules that are able to instil confidence in citizens, consumers and SMEs (especially micro-enterprises) with regard to proper safeguarding of the competitive structure of the markets , on the one hand, and the protection of personal data, on the other.
  • hopes that the Commission might coordinate its competition policy with other policies strategically relevant to European businesses, such as international trade policies.

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