Review of the prudential rules for investment firms

EESC opinion: Review of the prudential rules for investment firms

Key points:


  • welcomes the Commission's proposals as they can contribute to the various goals of the Commission, such as
  • creating a single and integrated regulatory framework for investment firms;
  • building stronger capital markets to promote investment;
  • unblocking existing and providing new sources of financing for companies and households;
  • attracting investment firms to the EU after the Brexit and
  • strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union;
  • notes that, however unintended, the relocation of the UK-based investment firms would be to Member States which are in the banking union or euro area and there is a danger that non-euro area Member States would be overlooked in this respect;
  • is pleased that SMEs are expected to be among the main beneficiaries of the Directive and the Regulation. A more proportionate and appropriate prudential framework for them should improve conditions for conducting business, eliminate barriers to entry and facilitate their access to finance;
  • welcomes the fact that the proposed Directive and Regulation establish the necessary norms and requirements for initial capital and existing capital, supervisory powers, publication and remuneration. These proposals could therefore contribute to risk reduction in the EU;
  • highlights the importance to ensure the flexibility of the legal framework for investments firms.