Copyright package

EESC opinion: Copyright package


  • welcomes the package to adapt copyright to the requirements of the digital economy;
  • stresses that regulating copyright must serve to strike a balance between the rights of all these parties, avoiding bureaucracy and unnecessary requirements;
  • stresses that swift ratification by the EU of the Marrakesh Treaty on copyright in relation to the blind is important and necessary;
  • suggests a number of amendments e.g. on text and data mining or copies of works for the preservation of cultural heritage to adjust copyright more closely to current requirements;
  • refers to the ECJ judgement stating that, under certain conditions, the lending of a digital copy of a book has similar characteristics to the lending of printed works;
  • urges that "freedom of panorama" exception should be harmonised by European rules;
  • supports the exclusive related right of publishers to authorise or prohibit the digital use of their press publications for a period of twenty years;
  • welcomes that authors are entitled to fair remuneration for their creative endeavours, to be associated with the commercial success of their works and to benefit from a high level of protection and funding of works.

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