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"Labour mobility is also sometimes associated with social and wage dumping, and the belief that mobile workers undertake 'welfare tourism'. That is an unfounded belief, and all studies show that mobile workers go where the jobs are, not to exploit social and public services," stated Gonçalo Lobo Xavier, EESC's Vice-President for Communication, speaking at the European Council's informal meeting of Ministers of social affairs and employment in Amsterdam today. Held under the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU, the ...

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At the end of his official two-day visit to Tunisia, Georges Dassis, EESC president, signed an agreement consolidating the links between European and Tunisian civil society with Quartet representatives Mr Noureddine Taboubi, UGTT deputy secretary-general, Mr Slim Ghorbel, UTICA vice-president, LTDH vice-president Mr Ahmed Galai and ONAT head Mr Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoud.

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How are new forms of employment impacting workers? Is the total flexibility of workers and labour market desirable? Will the sharing economy be putting an end to Europe's social protection systems?

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Today, the EESC is releasing a study, entitled "The influence of Lifespan Labelling on Consumers", which clearly demonstrates the effect of lifetime labelling on consumer purchasing behaviour. And it's very clear: products labelled as long-lasting, such as suitcases and printers, would see a huge boost in sales, by 128 % and 70% respectively. Smartphones are markedly affected, with an increase of 41% on sales for products indicating a longer lifespan.

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At its plenary meeting on 17 March 2016, the European Economic and Social Committee gave a clear message to the European Commission, calling on it to draw up conclusive proposals which go further in completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union without delay. In a package of opinions, the Committee put forward the points of view of the social partners and civil society on the package of proposals for Deepening EMU which the Commission published at the end of last year.