EESC welcomes European Parliament's positive decision on 2019 budgetary discharge

EESC president Christa Schweng welcomes the result of the vote in the European Parliament to grant the European Economic and Social Committee budgetary discharge for 2019. The Committee takes all the recommendations very seriously and is committed to continuing the reforms.

The result of the vote proves that the European Parliament has recognised Committee's efforts, especially the revision of the Code of Conduct adopted in January 2021. The document provides more clarity, greater financial transparency, strict rules on harassment and stronger sanctions for non-compliance.

Today's discharge in the EP Plenary represents a major step on our way to regaining trust and consolidating our position at EU level, said the EESC President, Christa Schweng. We have been working hard since the beginning of the new Presidency. We will continue reforms to represent European organised civil society even more effectively, she said.

Following the reinforcement of the Code of Conduct, the Committee has undertaken a number of actions to increase awareness about the new rules in the house. This includes a new brochure entitled "Respect and dignity at the EESC" that gives practical advice on respectful and ethical behaviour at the EESC.

Working together to implement the highest ethical and professional standards remains a key priority for President Schweng. She affirms that the Committee remains fully committed to further strengthening the EESC in the inter-institutional framework and wants to better fulfil the needs of the Committee's stakeholders.

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EESC welcomes European Parliament's positive decision on 2019 budgetary discharge