Implementing the EIP on Raw Materials in selected EU Member States

The round-table series 2015 was organized by the EESC’s Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) in partnership with relevant European and national organizations: Euromines, Euracoal, IndustriAll Europe, the European Commission and numerous national high level partners from academia, geological surveys, NGOs and civil society.

The Raw Materials Initiative and the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials are key policies that may contribute decisively to maintaining the competitiveness and sustainability of European industry, and consequently, the safeguarding or creation of new jobs, especially in regions that were affected by restructuring due to globalization.

These EU initiatives embrace whole value chains on which the European industry is based and now, in the first phase of the Juncker Commission, provide an excellent opportunity for the EESC and these partner organizations to promote their work and to demonstrate their constructive contribution and knowledge to both European institutions and citizens.

The aim of our round-tables is to also fulfil the mandate set by the European Commission for consultation and participation of civil society and social partners on the implementation of these initiatives.


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Implementing the EIP on Raw Materials in selected EU Member States

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