Revision of the TEN-T and Rail Freight Corridor Regulation

EESC opinion: Revision of the TEN-T and Rail Freight Corridor Regulation

Key points:

  • The EESC welcomes the proposal, considering that the current TEN-T Regulation was adopted in 2013 and that it was therefore high time to propose a new updated framework, adapted to the current policy context and drawing on the lessons learned from the current Regulation. For instance, the updated TEN-T Regulation shall form the infrastructural basis required for the successful implementation of the Commission's goals included in the Green Deal, the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and the Rail Action Plan. Furthermore, the implementation of the TEN-T under the current framework has not been satisfactory, with significant delays, and the EESC therefore welcomes the strengthened rules on implementation.
  • The EESC likewise approves the focus on European Corridors as a means to promote efficient transport and multimodality, as well as the strong monitoring mechanism and the enhanced role of the European Coordinators.
  • The EESC welcomes the importance the proposal attaches to cohesion when implementing the network and takes note that this means ensuring accessibility and connectivity for all regions in the Union for both passenger and freight traffic, and efficient coordination and interconnection between, respectively, long-distance, regional and local traffic, as well as transport in urban nodes.