Young people's role in the green transition


Decisions which political leaders take today on climate change and environmental issues will above all affect young people and future generations. In recent years, we have seen young people mobilising to demand concrete measures from governments and politicians to protect the environment and achieve climate neutrality. However, despite the fact that the younger generations are the most sensitive and aware of the need to act in order to achieve environmental sustainability and to accomplish the green transition, they are still not finding their place in decision-making and their voice is not heard enough.

Key points:

The Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship has published the opinion on Young people's role in the green transition. In the opinion, the EESC:

  • emphasises the importance of engaging young people in decision-making processes related to sustainability and the environment in order to enable them to play a crucial role in the green transition. In this sense it recommends that policies and initiatives related to the green transition should also take into account the youth perspective;
  • suggests that youth organisations should have a leading role in this process and in the development and dissemination of projects and initiatives related to sustainability;
  • calls for the introduction of sustainability and environmental protection education from an early age and the development of the necessary skills for workers to govern the innovation brought about by the green transition.

The full text of the opinion can be found here.

Background information:

Section: Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship (SOC)

Opinion type: Exploratory opinion

Rapporteur: Nicoletta Merlo ((Workers – Group II/Italy)

Reference: Letter by the Swedish presidency of the Council of 14/11/2022

Date of adoption by section: 8 March 2023

Results of the section meeting vote: 70 in favour, none against, 2 abstentions

Date of adoption in plenary: 22-23 March 2023

Results of the plenary session vote: 152 in favour, none against, 1 abstention


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