Partnering with the EU – Revitalising partnerships for SDGs

The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guide the work of the European Union both internally and in its international partnerships. In the current situation of multiple crisis, which risks to further reverse progress on SDGs, the EU is determined to revitalize partnerships for the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda. As shown by the UN Secretary-General SDGs Stimulus plan, the indispensable transitions needed for sustainability peace and prosperity that the 2030 can bring about, call for decisive and immediate actions in several interrelated areas.

To complement the formal EU VR presentation, the side-event will focus on the EU’s innovative whole of government and whole of society approaches in and outside the EU, showcasing the comprehensive mainstreaming of SDGs in EU policy making. This includes internally ensuring transformative policies that support progress on SDGs (including ensuring policy coherence, adapting our regulation and coordination tools, improving SDGs monitoring, promoting the principle of Leave No One Behind) and inclusiveness in the implementation (all partners on board).

Externally, the EU fosters the achievement of the SDGs through international partnerships, including through its Global Gateway strategy that provides a qualitative investment offer to target the SDGs.

The side-event will allow for a conversation with civil society on how to boost implementation further.

Download the concept note and the programme below.

Watch the event live on 19 July 2023, 13h15-14h30 New York time (GMT-4) here.

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EESC and EC side-event on Delivering the SDGs: Revitalised Partnerships with the EU