SME strategy

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Mnenje EESO: SME strategy


Europe is embarking on a transition towards climate neutrality and digital leadership. European businesses can lead the way as we enter this new age, as they has done in the past.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are essential to Europe’s competitiveness and prosperity. Based on the new SME Strategy, the EU will support SMEs by:

  • encouraging innovation through new funding and digital innovation hubs as part of the sustainable and digital transitions;
  • cutting red tape by reducing barriers within the Single Market and opening up access to finance;
  • allowing better access to finance by setting up an SME Initial Public Offering Fund (with investments channelled through a new private-public fund) and the ESCALAR initiative (a mechanism to boost the size of venture capital funds and attract more private investment).

Practical information

Administrator in charge: Silvia STAFFA

Assistant: Catia ZIZZI

For more information please contact the INT Section Secretariat.


• Position paper "Strengthening SMEs: Way Forward to a Dedicated SME Strategy"