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Since the 1970s, the EESC has been organising regular meetings with economic and social interest groups from the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP). These meetings provide an opportunity to draft recommendations on issues relevant to ACP-EU relations.

The Cotonou Agreement will govern relations between the EU and 78 ACP countries until 2020; it recognises the essential role played by non-state operators in the development process. This Agreement allows the EESC to organise meetings and consultation with ACP-EU economic and social interest groups.

The EESC maintains regular contacts with the representatives of civil society in the ACP countries at different levels through:

  • Regular meetings of the ACP-EU Follow-Up Committee, composed of EESC members and representatives of ACP economic and social interest groups,
  • Regional Seminars in ACP countries, providing a forum for discussing topics of common interest with civil society representatives in alternating regions,
  • Triennial General Meetings of ACP-EU economic and social interest groups in Brussels.

The EESC also maintains regular contacts with the African Union's Economic, Social and Cultural Council.

The EESC has for many years kept up regular contacts with the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly by presenting a report on its activities at the Assembly's sessions.

The EESC is likewise in close contact with international employers', workers', farmers' and consumers' organisations. These organisations nominate the ACP representatives invited to the meetings held by the EESC, including the ACP-EU Follow-up Committee.

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"...Le CESE estime qu'une fois passée la phase de risque systémique majeur liée à la crise économique et financière internationale, il convient de ne pas négliger les retombées très lourdes que celle-ci induit pour la plupart des pays en voie de développement. Ces retombées compromettent les progrès accomplis durant les dernières décennies et viennent s'ajouter aux conséquences de la double crise énergétique et alimentaire, ce qui pourrait aggraver des situations existantes de conflit et d'instabilité politique...."


Opinon on Supporting developing countries in coping with the crisis

Georges Eric Jolicoeur
Rodrigues Council of Social Services (RCSS)

Contribution of ‘Rodrigues Council of Social Service’ in Sustainable  fisheries management in Rodrigues

(Octopus FISHERY Closure)


Contribution of ‘Rodrigues Council of Social Service’ in Sustainable fisheries management in Rodrigues