Towards a Circular Economy: Competences for Youth

9:30 | Introduction and opening speech

  • Tatjana Babrauskiené (EESC)
  • Mayri Tiido (leader of the CESCY project & Founder of Lowmerism)

9:45 | Presentation of the CESCY project and main findings: Circular Economy Competences for Youth

  • Mapping of status quo on circular economy and sustainability implementation - Liisa Aavik (Lowmerism)
  • Research on competences for youth in the circular economy labour market - Sjaak de Beer (Common Gold)
  • Competence framework on circular economy and sustainability for youth work - Silvia Volpi (REDU - Rete Educare Diritti Umani)
  • Manual for practitioners & MOOC on Circular Economy and Sustainability competences - Mayri Tiido (Lowmerism)
  • Learn&Hack hackathons - Mayri Tiido (Lowmerism) and Nathalia Gaiarim (Mentes Empreendedoras)
  • Seminar for youth workers and youth & Training of Trainers - Silvia Volpi (REDU - Rete Educare Diritti Umani)
  • Recommendations for circular economy and sustainable practices implementation - Marie-Céline Falisse (AEGEE-Europe)

10:45 | Coffee break

11:15 | Panel discussion: How can different stakeholders support young people in acquiring and developing circular economy competences?


  • MEP Malte Gallée, European Parliament (Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance)
  • Tatjana Babrauskiené, EESC Member
  • Valentina Guerra, Policy Adviser for social affairs and training, SMEUnited
  • Giuseppina Tucci, OBESSU Secretary General and LLLP President
  • Julian van Loo, Sustainability Committee of AEGEE-Europe

Facilitator: Mayri Tiido (Lowmerism)

12:30 | End of the event

This event is organised in the framework of the CESCY project. CESCY (Circular Economy – Sustainable Competences for Youth) is an Erasmus+ funded project implemented by Lowmerism, AEGEE-Europe, Common Gold, Rete Educare ai Diritti Umani, Mentes Empreendedoras, and Zink Asturias.