Regulation setting a framework for energy efficiency labelling

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EESRK nuomonė: Regulation setting a framework for energy efficiency labelling

In its opinion Framework for energy efficiency labelling (Rapporteur: Emilio Fatovic, Workers' Group)the EESC made a series of recommendations to ensure effective and uniform energy efficiency labelling across Europe in response to the Commission's proposal.

Product characteristics should actually correspond to those on the label, there should be stricter controls on products on sale, and a common Europe-wide system of penalties should be introduced. Labels should also include other consumer information, such as the product's energy consumption and its minimum life expectancy – this will make energy products truly comparable in terms of cost and will discourage planned obsolescence. Particular attention should be paid to products imported from third countries, to protect against unfair competition and fraud.

Another area that must be closely monitored is online commerce – this is an area that is neglected and where energy labels are not always displayed. The Union will have to do everything possible to make high efficiency products accessible to the most deprived social groups – this will be one way of dealing with the problem of energy poverty affecting over 50 million citizens across the entire EU.