Report on Competition Policy 2018

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The report provides a general outline of the measures adopted by the European Commission in the field of competition policy and it summarises the broader working document on the action taken in 2019.

The report is organised into eight parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of competition enforcement;
  • Tackling new challenges in the digital economy;
  • Competition policy in support of the EU's energy and environment objectives;
  • Protecting competition in the Single Market;
  • Making the financial sector more resilient in a Banking Union context;
  • Ensuring a level playing field in the area of taxation and
  • Joining forces in fostering a global competition culture.


The Commission reports on its specific activities in these areas, noting that, when enacting legislation, its guiding principles have been non-discrimination, procedural fairness, transparency, predictability, the right to be heard and the protection of confidentiality in its daily enforcement practice.

The 2018 saw specific actions to the benefit of consumers and European industry in key areas, such as the digital economy, energy and environment, the agro-chemical industry, the pharmaceutical and health services sector, manufacturing, the transport and postal market, the financial sector and taxation. Moreover, EU competition policy continued to support key EU policies and initiatives, including a Deeper and Fairer Internal Market, the Digital Single Market, the Energy Union, the fight against tax evasion, and climate action.

Practical information

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Assistant: Inga LUNGUL

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