Selected schools

33 schools from across Europe will come to Brussels to discuss European culture

EESC Vice President Gonçalo Lobo Xavier, together with EESC Members Isabel Caño Aguilar,  Renate Heinisch and Indrė Vareikytė, had the pleasure to take part in the YEYS random draw on 6 December, which resulted in one school being selected from each of the 33 eligible countries.

Each selected school is now invited to send three students, together with their teacher, to represent them at "Your Europe, Your Say!" 2018 - United in diversity: a younger future for European culture.

We are delighted that so many young people have expressed interest in this awesome event, and we are already very excited to meet them in March 2018.

The students taking part in the event can already get in touch with the students from the other participating schools on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to start the preparation to this memorable European youth gathering.



Selected schools YEYS 2018