7th meeting of the EU DAG under the EU-Vietnam FTA

The 7th meeting of the EU Domestic Advisory Group (DAG) under the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA), and the first meeting of the new 2023-25 term, took place on 18 September 2023.

On the agenda:

  1. Opening of the meeting and statement by the outgoing Chair, Judith Kirton-Darling
  2. Update on the rules of procedure of the EU-Vietnam DAG
  3. Tour de table – introduction of members of the DAG in its new composition
  4. Election of chair and Vice Chairs
  5. Statement by the incoming Chair
  6. Desk study on "The relationship between EU and Vietnamese businesses in global supply chains - and global supply chains in the context of due diligence"
  • Comments by steering group members: Elena Suárez, Romain Lasserre, Perrine Fournier
  1. Feedback on the meeting of the EU and the VN DAGs, held on 28 March 2023 in Brussels, in the framework of the VN DAG's visit to Europe organised by FES
  • Comments by Daniela Iller, FES
  1. Human Rights' situation in Vietnam
  • Presentation by Penelope Faulkner, President of the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR), member of FIDH
  1. Update from DG TRADE on the implementation of the TSD Chapter
  • Benoit Lory and Mariella Cantagalli, DG TRADE
  1. Suggestions for a work programme for the EU DAG
  2. Any other business.