Joint Meeting of the Domestic Advisory Groups under the EU-Canada CETA

3 February 2022, 9.00 EST, 15.00 CET

Opening remarks and introductions

Report on DAG activities since the December 2020 meeting

  • Update from Canada DAGs, including the implementation of Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) and first cases
  • Update from EU DAG, including the consultation process on EU TSD Review

Topical discussion

  • Impact of COVID on supply chains from the perspectives of forced labour/sustainable development/labour rights/environment


Workshop discussion

  • Fine-tuning of 9 February workshop-
  • Proposing a topic and timing of a "mid-term" workshop, including an update on the desk study on the assessment of the environmental impact of the implementation of CETA on trade

Joint statement

  • Debate on key messages
  • Follow-up on Parties reply to September 2020 joint statement
  • DAG input into the TSD Committee draft workplan 

Closing remarks

  • Canada DAG chairs
  • EU DAG chairs

Work organisation