Report on Competition Policy 2018

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Udvalgets udtalelse: Report on Competition Policy 2018

Key Points


  • welcomes the Commission's report on Competition Policy 2018, which includes an approach aimed at strengthening the Single Market, economic development and social policy objective;
  • calls for the granting of aid to be accompanied at all times by maximum transparency with regard to the costs that are passed on to consumers and for consumers to be clearly informed of these costs;
  • recommends that EU legislation should be adapted in order to prohibit discrimination caused by AI-assisted profiling of consumers;
  • emphasises the need for consistency between environmental and State aid policies;
  • calls for the same social and environmental rules to be guaranteed where competition with companies from outside the EU is concerned, in order to ensure a level playing field;
  • highlights the importance, with a view to creating a social free market, of a competition policy that strikes a balance between the development of social and economic objectives for workers and consumers and maintaining an efficient and competitive productive structure.

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