Instant payments regulation

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European Economic and Social Committee's opinion on the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulations (EU) No 260/2012 and (EU) 2021/1230 as regards instant credit transfers in euro - COM(2022) 546 final


The objective of this initiative is to foster pan-European market initiatives based on instant payments, which would ensure that anyone holding a payment account in the EU could be able to receive and send an instant credit transfer from and to any other payment account in the EU, as a first step in Euro and eventually in any EU currency. There should be attractive payment solutions allowing initiation and acceptance of instant payments domestically and crossborder (and in the longer-term also globally), in various circumstances, including at physical point of sale, online and between individual.

Practical information

Composition of the study group

Administrator in charge: Claudia DREWES-WRAN
Assistant: Alexandra SEIDENBERG

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