GDPR - additional procedural rules

EESC opinion: GDPR - additional procedural rules

Key points


  • has drawn up a number of proposals which, in its view, would improve the Commission's Proposal, and provides the following recommendations, inter alia:
    1. setting more specific procedural deadlines and maximum time limits where possible and appropriate;
    2. specifying the Data Protection Authorities' (DPAs) right to supplement minimum information to be provided by the complainant with other non-compulsory information fields if they deem so necessary;
    3. ensuring the discretion of the Member States' DPAs to decide on the most appropriate language for communication between DPAs and whether to identify the complainant through ID's copy;
    4. ensuring a more general designation of the identification documents in the complaint forms, covering all types of identification documents deemed acceptable in the Member State concerned;
    5. improving the complaint form by noting the right of the complainant to request confidential treatment of the information submitted.
  • welcomes the progress towards harmonisation of the implementation of the GDPR and calls on the parties concerned to continue their efforts and, as far as possible, to extend the harmonisation of procedural activities to all procedural matters relating to the application of the GDPR;
  • calls on the Member States to closely monitor the funding of their DPAs and to build up their capacity so that individuals and businesses can receive the support they need.


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