Evaluation of the EU school scheme

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  2. Administrators / Assistants in charge : Martine DELANOY / Laura ERNSTEINA / Anna KHATCHATRIAN / Fatima CABRAL
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As of 1 August 2017, the EU combined the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme under a single legal framework: The School scheme. This scheme has two main objectives: increasing the consumption of agricultural products through offering healthy snacks to children at schools together with educational activities to reconnect children with agriculture and healthy food habits, and contributing to the public health objective.

The European Commission launched an evaluation of this scheme with the aim to assess its effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and EU added value, in line with the Better Regulation guidelines. This information report will contribute to the European Commission's evaluation, focusing on five countries whose selection has been made together with the Commission in order to maximise complementarity and added value to the EC evaluation. The expected impact of the overall evaluation is that it will strengthen the coherence of the scheme with other EU policies and aim at improving the efficiency/performance of the scheme. 

Through the evaluation, the European Commission will review the EU School Scheme and enhance its contribution to sustainable food consumption and strengthen educational messages on the importance of healthy nutrition, sustainable food production and the reduction of food waste.