Evaluation on the CAP's impact on territorial development of rural areas (Information report)

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Practical information

  1. Composition of the study group
  2. Administrators / Assistants in charge : Martine Delanoy, Laura Ernsteina  / Luca Pitrone, Fatima Cabral 
  3. Contact 


The Commission is undertaking a series of evaluations of the Common Agricultural Policy for the timeframe 2014-2020, assessing performance against the CAP's general objectives, i.e. viable food production, sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, and balanced territorial development, with a focus on rural employment, growth and poverty in rural areas.

The Commission's evaluation will assess in particular the extent to which CAP instruments and measures have contributed to balanced territorial development in rural areas with a focus on socio-economic aspects, including social inclusion.

Since the evaluation targets CAP socioeconomic impacts, representing a wide-ranging scope, the EESC will provide a complementary evaluation focusing on five countries whose selection has been made together with the Commission in order to maximise complementarity and added value to the EC evaluation.