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For the fourth year running, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is offering an unique opportunity for secondary schools from across Europe to come to Brussels to debate, negotiate, stand up for their beliefs and try to find a consensus in a simulated plenary session.

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April 2015

Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC


Europe III - April 2015

Staffan Nilsson

Europe's youth is its future. However, many young people do not have a job or lack the appropriate skills. The problems experienced by young people on the labour market are structural in nature and have been apparent for many years, even before the onset of the current crisis. The economic crisis, which we have been experiencing since 2008, has exacerbated the problems of young people. Unemployment in the 15-24 age group is more than twice as high as for the economically active population as a whole and nearly three times as high as among economically active adults.


Staffan Nilsson`s speech at the New opportunities for young people with structural funds


Inaugural speech by President Jahier

Presentation by Nicolaos Tsemperlidis

Presentation by Evangalia Kekeleki

Presentation by Georges Basdaris

Presentation by Marios Tselonis

Presentation by Professor Dimitris Mardas

Presentation by Dimitrios Bakatselos

Speech by Vice-President Wilms

Statement by Marios Tselonis

Presentation by Professor Nicolaidis

Speech by Dr. Leonidas Makris