Organisational chart (political)

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Presidency and political bodies 2023-2025


  • EESC President: Oliver Röpke (Workers' Group)

Commission for Financial and Budgetary Affairs (CAF)

  • Vice-President: Krzysztof Pater (Civil Society Organisations’ Group)

Communication commission (COCOM)

  • Vice-President: Aurel Laurenţiu Plosceanu (Employers' Group)

Audit Committee

  • Antonio GARCÍA DEL RIEGO (Employers' Group)
  • Jack O’CONNOR (Workers' Group)
  • Benjamin RIZZO (Civil Society Organisations’ Group Group)


  • Janusz PIETKIEWICZ (Employers' Group)
  • Tatjana BABRAUSKIENĖ (Workers' Group)
  • Panagiotis GKOFAS (Civil Society Organisations’ Group)


  • Employers' Group - (Group I) – President: Stefano MALLIA
  • Workers' Group - (Group 2) – President: Lucie STUDNIČNÁ
  • Civil Society Organisations' Group - (Group 3) – President: Seamus BOLAND


Assembly 329 members

Sections & other bodies

ECO - Section for Economic and Monetary Union and Economic and Social Cohesion

  • President: Ioannis VARDAKASTANIS (Civil Society Organisations’ Group)   

INT - Section for Single Market, Production and Consumption

  • President: Sandra PARTHIE (Employers' Group)

TEN - Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society

  • President: Baiba MILTOVIČA (Civil Society Organisations’ Group)

REX - Section for External Relations

  • President: Dimitris DIMITRIADIS (Employers' Group)

NAT - Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment

  • President: Peter SCHMIDT (Workers' Group)

SOC - Section for Employment, Social affairs and Citizenship

  • President: Cinzia DEL RIO (Workers' Group)

CCMI - Consultative Commission on Industrial Change

  • President: Pietro Francesco DE LOTTO (Employers' Group)

DSMO - Digital Transition and Single Market Observatory

  • President: Louise GRABO (Civil Society Organisations’ Group)

LMO - Labour Market Observatory

  • President: Carlos Manuel TRINDADE (Workers' Group)

SDO - Sustainable Development Observatory

  • President: Maurizio REALE ​​​​​​(Employers' Group)