Innovation investment package

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Key points

The EESC reflects in the opinion its view on following Commission proposals: COM(2013) 493 final - 2013/0232 (COD), COM(2013) 494 final, COM(2013) 495 final - 2013/0240 (NLE), COM(2013) 496 final - 2013/0241 (NLE), COM(2013) 497 final - 2013/0242 (COD), COM(2013) 498 final - 2013/0243 (COD), COM(2013) 500 final - 2013/0233 (COD), COM(2013) 501 final - 2013/0234 (NLE), COM(2013) 503 final - 2013/0237 (NLE),  COM(2013) 505 final - 2013/0244 (NLE), COM(2013) 506 final - 2013/0245 (NLE).

The EESC agrees that partnerships offer a range of advantages and calls for long-term financial certainty for the initiatives and a stable regulatory framework to reduce the high-risk aspects that set them apart, and to boost funding for investment in research and innovation.

The EESC recommends:

    that annual conferences be organised with all interested parties for the presentation of annual reports;
    that multilingual handbooks be prepared for participation in the various forms of partnership  that exist at EU level;
    the establishment of EESC prizes for economic and social innovation.

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