State aid modernisation

EESC opinion: State aid modernisation

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Key points:


  • considers that the reform proposed by the Commission should be supported and agrees with the three main objectives set out in the communication;
  • shares the Commission's vision of strengthening the positive connection between effective state aid and the objective of sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • considers that this reform, with its ambitious goals, methods and timetable, needs clarification in certain respects;
  • emphasises that the specific consequences of illegal foreign subsidies which threaten the competitiveness of European firms in relation to their global competitors must be corrected effectively, and suggests that the Commission reiterate the need for an economic approach aimed at a level playing field globally;
  • proposes an amendment to Article 27(3) of the General Block Exemption Regulation 800/2008 providing for the compatibility with the common market of aid to SMEs for participation in fairs and exhibitions for a period not exceeding three consecutive years;
  • proposes that the ceiling for de minimis aid (which is applied to each firm on the basis of a rolling period of three consecutive years) should be permanently increased from EUR 200 000 to EUR 500 000.

Earlier EESC opinion on State aid action plan (CESE 1483/2005, INT/268)

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