Additional considerations on the Euro area economic policy 2023 - Related links

Commission Européenne

Prévisions économiques du printemps 2023 (

Communication on fiscal policy guidance for 2024 (European Commission, 8 March 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Inflation Differentials in Europe and Implications for Competitiveness: Thematic Note to Support In-Depth Reviews (European Commission, 5 April 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Parlement Européen 

Economic and Budgetary Outlook for the European Union 2023 (European Parliamentary Research Service, January 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Ten issues to watch in 2023 (European Parliamentary Research Service, January 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Conseil Européen 

Eurogroup statement on the fiscal guidance for 2024 (press release, 13 March 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Orientations for a reform of the EU economic governance framework ‒ Revised Draft Council Conclusions (14 March 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Banque Centrale Européenne

The ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters - First quarter of 2023 (ECB, 3 February 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Fiscal policy implications of euro area countries’ 2023 draft budgetary plans (ECB, 10 January 2023) (en anglais uniquement)


OECD Economic Outlook, Chapter on the Euro Area (OECD, November 2022) (en anglais uniquement)

Groupes de réflexion et autres organisations 

How Europe should answer the US Inflation Reduction Act (Bruegel, 23 February 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Climate versus trade? Reconciling international subsidy rules with industrial decarbonisation (Bruegel, 8 February 2023) (en anglais uniquement)

Europe’s Green Investment Requirements and the Role of NextGenerationEU (Klaas Lenaerts, Simone Tagliapietra, and Guntram B. Wolf, cited by Bruegel, 7 December 2022) (en anglais uniquement)

Economy: Inflation Peaking, Recession Looming? (ISPI, 20 December 2022) (en anglais uniquement)

Enablers and challenges of the digital transition in the EU (CEPS, 13 October 2022) (en anglais uniquement)