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Introduction from 6 to 6.30 p.m.

  • Véronique Bertholle, Deputy Mayor, City of Strasbourg - physically
  • Video message from Olivia Grégoire, French State Secretary to the SSE
  • Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights - remotely
  • Christa Schweng, President of the European Economic and Social Committee - physically
  • Daniel Freund, President of the Spinelli Group - physically
  • Juan Antonio Pedreno, President of Social Economy Europe- remotely

Topic 1: the social economy, pioneer of the circular economy

  • MEP Sandro Gozi, working group "European democracy" - remotely
  • Giuseppe Guerini, President of CECOP- remotely

Topic 2: the social economy, a major player in health

  • MEP Patrizia Toia, working group "health" - physically
  • Sibylle Reichert, Executive Director - Association Internationale de la Mutualité- physically

Topic 3: the social economy, creating quality jobs

  • Video message from MEP Gabriele Bischoff, working group "A stronger economy, social justice and jobs"
  • Cristian Sainz de Marles, founder of Social Group ONCE - remotely

Topic 4: the social economy as a strategy for international cooperation

  • MEP Niklas Nienass, working group "A stronger economy, social justice and jobs" - physically
  • Eva Cantele, Executive Director- ESS Forum International - physically

Topic 5 : the social economy, protector of fundamental values ​​and rights and a tool at the service of democracy

  • MEP Danuta Hübner, working group "EU in the world" - remotely
  • Gabriela Sonnleitner, General Manager, Magda's Hotel - remotely

Topic 6: the social economy, a key player in Europe's digital future

  • MEP Brando Benifei, working group "European democracy"- physically
  • Marion Graeffly, co-founder of Telecoop- remotely

Conclusion 7.20 to 7.30 p.m.

  • MEP Guy Verhofstadt, Co-Chair of the CoFoE Executive Board - physically

Moderator: Alain Coheur, President of the Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption (EESC)

Interpretation: FR-EN-DE-ES-IT (spoken - passive) – FR-EN-DE (listened to - active)