How to strengthen the EU's leadership on the SDGs

Scope and objectives

This workshop aims to discuss priorities to strengthen the European Union's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) leadership in achieving climate neutrality and sustainable development, both at home and internationally, ahead of major international summits – including the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July, and the SDG Summit in New York in September.

Participants will also share their thoughts on how the EU leadership can:

  • ensure a meaningful involvement of civil society;
  • continue to mobilise stakeholders, scientists and practitioners over the next seven years;
  • advance the SDGs in Europe and globally.

An outcome document will be prepared based on the main conclusions of the meeting, which will aim to support informed discussions on SDG priorities for the EU at HLPF, the SDG Summit in 2023 and the Summit of the Future in 2024.

The document will also provide concrete recommendations to accelerate action on the SDGs and foster structured engagement with civil society by the current and next European Parliament and European Commission (following the May 2024 elections).

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