Transatlantic trade relations and the EESC's views on an enhanced cooperation and eventual EU-US FTA

The main goal of the opinion is to provide a good and qualitative source of information and opinion in the beginning of TTIP negotiations process, in order to enhance the EESC reputation and role in trade negotiation processes. In the context of the new EESC "Wind of Change" programme, a new project on TTIP will be initiated and a new mechanism aimed at ensuring regular and timely EESC activities and contributions on this issue will be set up.

Besides of setting up the scene for further discussion and the spectrum of potential problems to be taken into account by the negotiator's the document will touch upon the civil society participation in the negotiations' process and in the implementation of the agreement with a special focus on their role in the application of the sustainable development chapter.

The document will be elaborated in close co-operation with other EU institutions and civil society partners from the EU and the USA.