Sustainable and resilient water infrastructures and distribution networks

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Practical information

Composition of the study group   

Administrator: Francesco NAPOLITANO, Assistant: Vicentzia NEAGU

Foreseen for the TEN Section meeting:  26 June 2023

Foreseen for the EESC Plenary session:  12-13 July 2023


Water is a service of general interest and therefore needs special protection.

In October 2022, the EESC Bureau decided on a call for an EU Blue Deal as the cross-cutting topic for the own-initiative 2023 package, highlighting the importance of water in all policy areas. The TEN section will contribute to this effort with a sectorial Own Initiative Opinion (OIO). With this Opinion, the TEN Section will provide insights on its areas of expertise to feed into the CCMI “Blue Deal” umbrella opinion.

In light of the mandate of the TEN Section, the TEN sectoral Opinion is going to focus on water infrastructures.

The TEN OIO will articulate the proposal along the following subjects:

  • Access to water being considered as a service of general interest, in order to secure sustainable, efficient and fair water supply in Europe, water distribution networks and infrastructures need to be resilient and fit for purpose.
  • This OIO would address the EU water distribution network from the different perspectives. Water leakages and preparedness (vulnerability to cyberattacks) and management of water-related disruptions should be addressed as a priority.