Forced Labour

Q&A - Thomas Wagnsonner, rapporteur - Karol Zabawa, advisor

On this page you will find the most important questions on forced labour answered by Mr. Thomas Wagnsonner, rapporteur of the opinion “REX/565 – Forced Labour Products Ban” and his advisor Mr. Karol Zabawa, in video format, produced by Mr. Jonas Traxler.


1: What does forced labour mean?

2: Can you describe modern-day slavery?

3: Which groups of people are worst affected by the phenomenon of forced labour?

4: Where is “forced labour” more widespread?

5: Which sectors are affected by the phenomenon of forced labour?

6: Does forced labour occur in the European Union?

7: What are the available statistics telling us about the situation in the EU and abroad?

8: How can consumers contribute in the fight against these abuses?

9: How can civil society contribute to the fight against these abuses?

10: Ten years ago, on 23th of April 2013, the “Rana Plaza” disaster took place with more than 1.100 textile workers dead! Was there a connection to forced labour in this case?

11: Is the EU Commission proposal on banning products from forced labour enough to tackle the problem?

12: What is the EESC's position on the European Commission's proposal for a ban on products of forced labour?

All Cartoons shown during the answers of question 1 – 12 were provided by the ILO. You can find all the cartoons with this link:


12 June 2023 - Forced labour - Transcript