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Priimtos on 18/05/2018

Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions - The Future of Food and Farming

EESRK nuomonė: The future of food and farming


Position paper Birdlife

Priimtos on 11/07/2018

Transport is a vital enabler of several SDGs. It contributes strongly to the SDGs regarding economic development, industry and SMEs, as well as trade and investment. Consequently, it also helps achieve the SDGs that aim to promote employment and well-being, and to reduce inequalities and exclusion. Meanwhile, transport presents many challenges with respect to the SDGs, such as the need to reduce climate and environmental impacts, to improve transport systems and traffic safety, and to manage concerns related to jobs and decent work.

The EESC calls on the Commission to prepare a new, integrated policy framework for the next generation of transport policy. Moreover, it calls on the Commission to assess the SDG indicators from the transport point of view and to enhance the development of indicators that are relevant, give a realistic and informative picture of developments, and are in line with the integrated approach.

EESRK nuomonė: Role of transport in realising the sustainable development goals, and consequent implications for EU policy-making (own-initiative opinion)

Priimtos on 19/09/2018

The EESC underlines European territorial cooperation (ETC) is a unique instrument of cohesion policy and one of the very few frameworks in which national, regional and local players from different Member States are systematically called upon to carry out joint measures and exchange practices and strategies.


EESRK nuomonė: Regulation on European Territorial Cooperation 2021-2027

Priimtos on 17/10/2018

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) welcomes the fact that the European Commission has established a Digital Europe programme, which underscores the intention to make Europe a leading player in digitalisation and to increase its economic strength and competitiveness on the world stage. The aim of the Digital Europe programme is to enable a digital single market and to shape the digital transformation in a positive way for all citizens of Europe.

EESRK nuomonė: Digital Europe programme

Priimtos on 27/04/2016
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Apr 27, 2016 Apr 28, 2016

The EESC fully backs the objective of switching to a greener, resource-efficient and circular economy. It is happy to see that the Commission has come forward with a broader set of proposals covering all the stages of the product lifecycle compared to the previous circular economy package; however, it raises concern over the lower level of ambition, which is likely to lead to lower economic and environmental benefits.

EESRK nuomonė: Circular Economy Package

Priimtos on 13/07/2016
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Jul 13, 2016 Jul 14, 2016

The EESC welcomes the "Action Plan on VAT", and calls for a  definitive VAT system that is clear, consistent, robust and comprehensive, as well as proportionate and future-proof. The Committee  welcomes the strong focus on closing the VAT gap and tackling the susceptibility of VAT to fraud. There should be results delivered without delay, including by improving cooperation between tax administrations. “Bona fide” enterprises should be protected and no new excessive measures should be imposed on them. The future system of reduced rates must combine flexibility and legal certainty, be transparent, and for the sake of simplicity the number of reduced rates and exemptions must be limited.

EESRK nuomonė: Action Plan on VAT


VAT Action Plan - Measures to modernise VAT in the EU - Bertrand LAPALUS - DG TAXUD

Priimtos on 19/10/2016
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Oct 19, 2016 Oct 20, 2016

While supporting the pilot project to set up a financial expertise centre for consumers and end-users of financial services, the EESC feels it would be useful to call for a number of conditions to be met: legitimacy, financial independence, transparency and accountability, public visibility, as well as balance between financial sector professionals and users.

EESRK nuomonė: Involvement of consumers / financial services

Priimtos on 06/07/2017
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Jul 05, 2017 Jul 06, 2017

EESRK nuomonė: Application of State aid rules for compensating the provision of services of general economic interest (Decision 2012/21/UE and Community Framework)

Priimtos on 18/10/2017

This own-initiative opinion is a joint proposal of the two EESC bodies with a cross cutting and horizontal approach: the SDO and the Europe 2020 Steering Committee (SC).

EESRK nuomonė: The transition towards a more sustainable European future