Short-term rental initiative

EESC opinion: Short-term rental initiative

Key points


  • recommends that the mechanisms proposed in the regulation be rolled out with a view to developing fairer competition for short-term rental (STR) activities and a safer, more transparent supply of STR services which are fit for purpose, and that national and local authorities be equipped with efficient tools for adapting STR activities to local circumstances and needs in various parts of the EU;
  • recommends that the Commission stipulate in the regulation that national and/or local authorities should carry out periodic impact assessments on STR activities;
  • feels that a system of insurance policies taken up by hosts for their units covering the bulk of risks arising from STR activities could replace the requirements for authorisation, as insurance companies would verify that the hosts comply with the rules when evaluating the policy;
  • proposes to adopt a standardised approach steered by the European institutions regarding the level of information required for all STR activities. This would help national and local authorities to take decisions in line with the interests of the communities concerned, facilitate data sharing between authorities, bolster the level of compliance with the rules and enable the authorities to take appropriate action based on analyses at EU and local level;
  • recommends that the regulation stipulate that the EU institutions will inform all STR stakeholders, either directly or via the national and local authorities, about any major ongoing or anticipated events relating to STR activities which might have an impact on the economy, society, environment or public safety of specific areas.


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