Green collective bargaining

EESC opinion: Green collective bargaining

Key points


  • asserts that businesses and workers must have proper channels for participating in efforts to support environmental protection and combat climate change;
  • considers that issues related to the green transition could be a stronger focus of collective bargaining at the appropriate levels;
  • considers that the discussion of green issues within collective bargaining is about negotiable clauses between the social partners within collective agreements that have a direct and indirect effect on the environment. Such clauses can cover, but are not limited to:
  1. the impact of companies' activity on the environment;
  2. the protection of workers from the effects of the environment and climate change;
  3. the impact of the green transformation on a company's activity as regards work organisation, changing occupational profiles and the skills of employees;
  4. internal monitoring of the implementation of points a, b, and c.
  • highlights collective bargaining as a key tool that can help companies and workers face the challenges of the climate crisis, including the derived costs for companies;
  • highlights that the impact of the green transition, among others, on employment and on territorial and social cohesion, the creation of jobs, transitions between different sectors of activity and the training and reskilling of workers, the particular vulnerability of older workers, health and safety at work are issues that can be addressed in collective bargaining, always playing due attention to gender;
  • calls on the EU and the Member States and the social partners, with full respect for collective autonomy, to take more committed and effective measures to further the development of, and raise the importance of greening in collective bargaining at the various appropriate levels;
  • calls on the EU and the Member States to further support actions and initiatives that will incentivise employers and workers to adapt to the green transition.